Immaculate Waters Rose Scented Soap

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Immaculate Waters Rose Soap leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized. Made with love and pure Lourdes Grotto water, it has a lovely rose scent and makes bathing a calming, pleasurable experience. It is made with the highest quality ingredients, including the best oils, shea butter and rose fragrance.

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3 reviews for Immaculate Waters Rose Scented Soap

  1. Desiree

    I LOVE this soap and it’s such a great gift to give to others – especially when we are seeing so many we love struggling with illness! No better gift of healing than through the healing waters that Mary sprung forth !!

  2. ANA

    This soap is amazing!!!! The quality and scent is top of the line. I have the faith that the healing waters will continue to bless!!!

  3. Jacquie Guerron

    I bought this soap in Washington DC and love it!

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