Immaculate Waters Rose Lotion

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Immaculate Waters Rose Hand and Body Lotion is unlike anything on the market. Often referred to as a “simple” lotion, it has fewer additives than most lotions on the market, resulting in a light, vanishing, and non-greasy moisturizer that petroleum products cannot duplicate. It also carries it’s lovely rose scent for hours, and of course, is made with genuine Lourdes Grotto water.

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7 reviews for Immaculate Waters Rose Lotion

  1. Marcy Mazzarelli

    This lotion smells heavenly! I love the rose scent – not too strong, but just enough and lasts a long time. It absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving it feeling nice and soft 🙂

  2. Vivonne Mitchell

    This lotion smells really. I love it!!!

  3. Jeanne Rae Martfeld

    This is a wonderful soft smelling lotion. I truly like it.

  4. Anita Aiken (verified owner)

    A Rose is a Rose
    This is simply a wonderful lotion in smell and feel; definitely recommended.

  5. Jacquie Guerron

    What a great gift this makes instead of the usual chemical scented lotions. It is just creamy smooth and love the scent!

  6. Cheryl Hegman

    I purchased the lavender lotion,its wonderful and I love that it has water from lourdes. I purchased mine at holy hill in Wisconsin.

  7. Cheryl Hegman (verified owner)

    Wonderful lotion,lovely scent,highly recommend

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