Immaculate Waters Lavender Lotion

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Immaculate Waters Lavender Hand and Body Lotion is unlike anything on the market. Often referred to as a “simple” lotion, it has fewer additives than most lotions on the market, resulting in a light, vanishing, and non-greasy moisturizer that petroleum products cannot duplicate. It also carries it’s lovely lavender scent for hours, and of course, is made with genuine Lourdes Grotto water.

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5 reviews for Immaculate Waters Lavender Lotion

  1. Maria Concepcion Ramirez

    Wonderful product. I recommended to any person. God bless you for having this product.

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    The Lavender Lotion is amazing. The scent is fresh and light, while the lotion itself is smooth and non-greasy. Love this lotion so much I buy for myself and give it in gift baskets for birthdays and/or holidays.

  3. Lin

    So good for the skin. Love the scent of the lavender. I use it everyday. Thank you to whomever thought this up & made it!

  4. Tracy

    I started using this product after a sample because i realized that I have no insects come near me in the yard. I am usually the world’s biggest mosquito magnet but get zero bites.

  5. Coralyn P Stransky

    I have used this product as well as the liquid soap. After I broke my shoulder, my physical therapist would use it for massages on my arm and the incision. I am sure that is why I healed so quickly even though I was 78 years old and told it would take awhile because of my age. I am not claiming a miracle but it sure did seem to help.

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